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Generators online store

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After receiving an order to create online shop of generators, first of all we’ve analyzed websites of competitors and concluded that competition in this segment is high enough. Therefore, we have tried to structure and present the information on the site as much as possible interesting.

Main page contains information about the store and navigation. For the center of the page, we have developed a Flash rotator of advertising slides.

We have tried to fill category page with all the necessary blocks and tools for searching information easily, such as a calculator for the selection of generators on the total power of consumers, compact products filter, the ability to sort products not only in price and name, but also all the necessary technical parameters, output of goods in the form of a table, arguing that it is the most convenient type of generators presentation for the buyers.

The shop contains a huge number of products, most of them are quite expensive, so it was very important to represent product pages in the highest quality. So we came up with an interesting and convenient universal page interface, but its implementation needs a qualitative approach to the site’s content creation. Because content were produced by our forces, we were able to provide the necessary level of quality, and to make sure that all goods have been decorated in the same style. That is why we always try to convince our customers to let us create content in spite of the sometimes high cost, because the process of online store content creation is rather complicated, requires a professional approach and constant monitoring, and very often it happens that on the customer side is not possible to implement such approach.